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Instant Link Indexer review?

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Does anybody ever used this online service "Instant Link Indexer"? According to them they you can get your content indexed by Google end show in search results SERP in minutes.

Is this true?

Do the have some like free trial account case the are not cheap Wink
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Why do you need to use it when you can juts simply use "Auto Ping Booster" to quickly tell the Google about your new content. https://wordpress.org/plugins/auto-ping-booster/

The other thing what do you have a website or a blog that daily publishes thousands or pages Smile Most of the websites only post a few articles per weak or let say per day which can be easily managed for free.

Google there days have very fast processing power so once the crawler arrives at the URL it could be indexed and show in search results (SERP) literally in seconds!

The trick is to he Google constantly crawling your site and if the web-site is well constructed Google will have access to new content from each web-page!

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