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Internal Linking Structure (Can't get many deep links)

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Hi all,

The website I own: Bang A Beat Family-Centred Therapies in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

I have a fair number of links pointing to the homepage for a small business. However, I really need each of my 5 main services to rank well and not the homepage. Currently, when you search for something like "music therapy Winnipeg" or "speech therapy Winnipeg" which are some of my main services, Google will often show my homepage and not the service page.

I'm pretty sure this is because my homepage has almost all of the links pointing to it with few pointing to the services themselves. I have tried to include as many links to the services on the homepage as is reasonable but I'm hoping someone else has some good ideas.

Would appreciate any help that you could provide.
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You should design a banner of service page and keep the banner on sidebar so that all visitors look at the banner and click it to go on service page
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to interlink all pages, posts of the website is best way to get self backlinks.

Google this topic

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