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Internet Marketing issue

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In internet marketing, the most difficult thing I face that is targeting audience. Most of the time I get confused at the time of selecting the audience group that means what age group, location should I target.

Can anyone give some easy tips to target your accurate audience?

If anyone have some suggestions or tips, please share with me.
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What do you #market I mean what type of the service or product?
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There are many problems in Internet marketing. Social media management is the biggest one. Some common social media challenges are what kind of content should we post, how often need t post in social media, etc. Some other challenges are getting value from SEO, multi device usage, optimizing the mobile experience, competing with the market strategies, managing website, etc.
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First of all you need to market research for you to determine what type of audience are you going to target, Sometimes it also depends on what type of product or service are you going to target with that said in mine it will be easier for you to whom do you want to market your service or product is.
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Internet marketing issues:
1.Intellectual Property Issues
2.Security and Cloud Storage
3.Laws and Your Privacy Policy

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