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Internet marketing is a desert

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internet marketing is like going out in a desert where there is less food and water. Upon that if too more and more people go into the desert, few people will survive.

40,000 views to my threads in forums in 4 months but no sales or referrals from my links in forum signatures.

If more and more people are looking to earn money from internet then who is buying on the internet ? No wonder 20,000 websites close down everyday.

Google/search engines are like sink holes in an oasis which drains the available "water body" in the desert. Top websites appear on page 1 of google and people will buy from the manufacturer's website. Try to eliminate middlemen is a common practise in business world.

My family member said "he will not work for me when I told him to join Clixsense PTC network.

There must be 50,000,000 to 200,000,000 success stories for " make money from internet" when there are some 3,000,000,000 internet users.

$5000 x 3,000,000,000 = $15 Trillion

If each internet users spends $5000/year for buying/shopping on the internet, then business from internet/sales each year would be worth $15 Trillion.

I doubt now business/sales from internet is worth $2 Trillion. 001_angry

Dow Jones 12000 001_thumbup

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