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Is Blog Commenting is beneficial to make back-link?

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discountelemart Offline referral

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Hi-Is Blog Commenting is beneficial to make back-link?
fayeseom Offline referral

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Commenting on Blogs can also be a great source of traffic for your own blog. If you comment on a blog which is related to your own topic, there is a high chance that visitors will check out your blog as well besides reading the one you are commenting on.
bangwinni Away referral

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discountelemart, only few sites allow us to get keyword backlink, if your comment is under first 5 then that post can help in driving traffic else hardly any site is going to give a single visitor, But its helpful in improving DA, PA of website!
webprosonline Offline referral

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now a days bolg comenting not working praperly
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I recommend not to use blog commenting to produce backlinks because most of them are no follow that cannot pass link juice to your main site it will serve only as a direct traffic to your website.
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yes, blog commenting is helpful but only your theme related or content related websites
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After penguin 4.0 blog commenting technique seems dangerous. Get backlinks from those blogs which are related to your topic and have good backlink profile as well. Google can easily detect spam comments so be careful.
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Yes, blog commenting on dofollow sites are beneficial to make backlinks.
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Yes blog commenting is useful, but with most relevant & updated sites. Your comments should be useful enough to generate good quality backlink.
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Yes, Blog Commenting on thematic & high authority site help in SEO backlinks.

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