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Is Justin Bieber most popular Hip-Hop singer ?

ivan Offline referral

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What do you think? Is Justin Bieber really the most popular hip-hop singer in the world? After Michael Jackson died Justin looks like became most popular singer right?
chod Offline referral

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MJ is not "hip-hop" he inspired hip-hop songs. MJ and Bieber are not in the same category. But yes he is popular world wide.
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destroyer Offline referral

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Yeah it looks like Justin Bieber conquered the world and all the chicks #@$%!!! you Justin Bieber LOL Smile
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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All these brushes with the law made Justin Bieber star dim a lot, his not popular any more now he's more like a star heading toward black hole Smile
manal18 Offline referral

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Another trendy, pop sensation whose career is in a tailspin, making yet another attempt to fight to stay in the spotlight.
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allenme Offline referral

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Don't categorize him for God' sake!

But, yes he is indeed a popular singer worldwide.
kaamil20 Offline referral

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His YouTube posts went viral and he was picked up by big money to be promoted and exploited.
dodgersbenny Offline referral

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He is very popular but i don't like him.
maya Offline referral

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I like some of his songs but I am not his fan!
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Erin Nagata Offline referral

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He might be famous but he is never the best. But seems like a good man.
Dolores Giampaolo Offline referral

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Yeah, for me it's Justin Beiber.
apsarasisodia Offline referral

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Justin Bieber is very popular because of his promotion on Youtube.. One day he was singing on a street and somebody posted his clips on youtube, it went viral and since then he becomes popular singer.
stakehost Offline referral

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No i don't think so.
cholekyt Offline referral

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No, I don't know. He looks like most popular singer because he is young and rich!

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