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Is it cool to remove powered by wordpress?

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marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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Many remove "powered by #wordpress" link from their website do you think it's a good idea and why?
Victor Dub Offline referral

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Well since that is a #dofollowlink you will be passing #SEO juice to some other website. The other thing is that spammers search for those words to find website that run on this platform.
LikoHat1 Offline referral

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Thanks Victor !! It's really informative, earlier i was not aware with this kind of "Powered by Wordpress" matter that spammers search about the same.
MrPRinson Offline referral

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It could be . WP has some security .
It best for you to hide the fact that you are using wp
Recommand plugin "hide my wordpress"
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(04-25-2016 09:10 PM)marcus_avrelius Wrote:  Many remove "powered by #wordpress" link from their website do you think it's a good idea and why?

Thanks so much - i've been doing it simply for aethetic reasons and now i have a better motivation!
ethany Offline referral

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Remove it can help you protect your link juice , if not, you are giving a free sitewide link to wordpress

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