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Is it possible to debug java-script in .NET IDE? If yes, how?

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Yes, simply write "debugger" statement at the point where the breakpoint needs to be set within the javascript code and also enable javascript debugging in the browser property settings.
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As per my understanding, Debugging javascript through Visual Studio works only for IE. For other browsers, either a custom plugin needs to be developed or need to use their (those browsers') built-in debuggers.

There is also an user voice suggested to MS: https://visualstudio.uservoice.com/forum...in-firefox

You may consider upvoting that feature in the above link, should you have interested to get this for the future versions.
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you are using Visual Studio along with Internet explorer, you can debug javascript by simply applying breakpoints. Or else if you want to debug your javascript file in fire fox or chrome browsers you can make use of tools like Firebug
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Yeah all you need is just a free add-on for #Firefox called #firebug here is URL: getfirebug.com

P.S. It works on #Chrome too!

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