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Is it possible to transfer seo results new domain's

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i have one old website it have good seo results but i need re banding with new domain is it possible to transfer old website results new domain
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Simply Redirect the url Big Grin
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redirect url into new domain
JesicaJohansson Offline referral

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I think It is not ideal for a long time.
Erin Nagata Offline referral

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Your website will be penalized in the end.
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(02-24-2018 11:22 AM)Erin Nagata Wrote:  Your website will be penalized in the end.

That's right! I had a website once with a ton of traffic but it was not all legit so I decided to shut it down and redirect all traffic to my other legit site.... guess what it had a massive negative impact on my other site which still seems to get effected every time google releases some kind of update.
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No, But We can redirect traffic from Old Domain to New Domain. But this is not Good for SEO. this is called 301 Redirections (Permanent Direction)

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