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Is the lottery a good thing?

marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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Do you believe it's a good thing to play the lottery hoping one day to win or it's just a waste of money?
maya Offline referral

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Well if are not playing the lottery then you will never win simple as that, anyway a lottery ticket doesn't cost too much so it's not like you are gambling or something.
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invisibe_dude Offline referral

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I sometimes play euromillions who knows maybe I'll get lucky
LeonaHarrison Offline referral

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Yeah, it’s not bad to play online lotteries as these tickets are not much expensive. It’s bit different than other gambling games and you never know which moment can actually transform the whole state of your life. I usually play Powerball and MegaMillions.
costuless Offline referral

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You need to be super lucky to win this by chance., Goodluck peeps!
dodgersbenny Offline referral

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I don' think lottery is good.
cholekyt Offline referral

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The lottery is a good idea It gets you more money. You can use the money in many different ways, from buying things for yourself, to donating to the homeless or to charity. You could not only help yourself, but your family as well. Of course, money doesn't always make you happy, but, in a way, if you use the money correctly, you could make yourself feel like a better person, and make your life just that tiny bit easier.
Victor Dub Offline referral

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"lottery is the tax on stupidity" plain and simple Smile
ethany Offline referral

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Lottery is not good in they way people do it
The_Solver Offline referral

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I think it is quite alright if that's not the only thing you do in life. Don't make it your retirement plan otherwise should be ok!)
rvsharma Offline referral

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According to me lottery is not good think. Its a waste of money.

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