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Is there any Google update released in this week?

sinelogixtech Offline referral

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Is there any Google update released in this week? because my website keyword ranking down day by day..
Victor Dub Offline referral

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The last update happened on March 8 BUT as you know Google is not obligated let the world know about updates.
daikaads Offline referral

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Recently no updates from Google. And the last updates happened in March and it was named as "Fred".
davidweb09 Offline referral

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No, Google last update was Fred update for length of content in SEO.
iammanisha Offline referral

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there is no any latest update by google this week.
vinsam Offline referral

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Theories On Google Algorithm Update & Changes Last Week
Carlbrewster Offline referral

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Google will not annouse for any upcomming updates you can the website like searchengine land for latest google news
swatijain2233 Offline referral

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Not a Important google Update by google this week.
meghana24singh Offline referral

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I thing nex month will be google annouse new update. but this week no any update from google.

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