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Is wordpress safe platform to build eCommerce Website?

sunnydhiman Offline referral

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I'm looking to build eCommerce website in the WordPress platform. But I'm not sure about this. Is anyone here suggest me for this?

In my website there is more then 1000 products and payment gate way. I have also want to add some more stuff like Magento and Shopify. Please suggest me Is this safe and secure platform or not to build eCommerce website?
Victor Dub Offline referral

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Absolutely. Plus you will always find a ton of freelancers than could help you to create some custom stuff.
brucode Offline referral

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Yes it is completely a good option. It is easy to maintain and configure also it has its own seo advantages.
Goyllo Offline referral

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I will prefer shopify instead of wordpress, if you want to start a eCommerce website.
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As for reliable web hosts I can also recommend these ones:
Hostwinds.com, Siteground.com and Wpneuron.com
They have one click installs that you can install on your server with just one click of a button.
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Actually there are a lot of ecommerce businesses that are in wordpress platform. Beside customization is the way if you want everything on way. A variety of plugins and themes are also available.

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