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What keywords drive traffic to your website?
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I get most of my traffic from secondary and long tail ones!
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Keyword traffic evaluation basically provides you with the estimated number of searches for the specific keyword phrases relevant to the niche that you are targeting. Therefore, an effective keyword analysis tool, not only supplies you with as many relevant keyword phrases as possible, but also contains an accurate keyword traffic estimator that you can confidently use to anticipate the amount of possible search demand.
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i get more traffic from my long tail keyword. Always its better to choose a long tail keyword for the better result
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Use Google's Adwords Keyword tool to see how competing your keywords are and to see if you really want to use them. This tool will also show you keywords that you never thought of!
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I am getting 2000 UV per day by one long tail keyword.
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Choose the keywords using the Google Keyword Planner where you can get the exact keywords for your business that can drive traffic to your websites.
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SEO keywords are the key words and phrases in your web content that make it possible for people to find your site via search engines.
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There is no doubt on kind of keywords when your working for long tail keywords automatically you can rank it for phrases also.
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Mostly the long tails keywords bring traffic to my website!
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depend on what kinda website you have or topics.
should be specific long tail KW can help better

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