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Learn SEO

vickya4n Offline referral

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How did you learn seo?
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I learned it the hard way Wink
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Nice question..
but if you to learn SEO (search engine optomization) then you have to learn it from yourself.Take help from google..or read books related to the SEO.
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i did my certification
mahwishfatima Offline referral

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I got online certification in SEO Training which really helped me a lot.
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There are many online resources available over internet where you ca learn.
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Always ask yourself 'how does that work?'

I think this is one of the most crucial life skills you can possibly obtain. It might surprise you to know that I think it'll make you a better SEO if you spend your time asking yourself questions like these:

How do they get cranes on top of big buildings?
How come phone touch screens work through the paper, but not through foil?
How does gmail's two-factor authentication work?
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I learned SEO from reading articles and ebooks which are available online for FREE. There is a website called MOZ, there is good information about SEO and you can find google updates also.
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Learn SEO is very comfortable. If you are a self learner , definitely you will learn SEO easily..... More number of tutorials and websites are teaching SEO.
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I got a training from one of my friend. Orally it was easy but practically you need lot of techniques.

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