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Link Building

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Link building is the process of getting external pages to link to a page on your website. It is one of the most important tactics used SEO. It helps in SEO as when you get a link from a website which has high domain authority you get more link juice and it increases your domain authority, which ultimately helps you rank better.
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Well to put it in simple terms.
If you don't build links to your site, your search engine rankings don't increase, so it's a major part of SEO in itself.
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Link building is a process to create many inbound link from other websites or blog on a hope the website visibility increased on the eye of Search Engine.
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Well, link building is a strategy which helps you to increase the organic traffic and search engines rankings of your website or blog. If you are good in off-page SEO then you can easily rank your site in competitive niches.

Keep in mind always link building with relevant as well as authority websites. Find some quality resources where you can easily get dofollow backlinks.
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Link building is very important if you want to rank high on SERP and it is one of the three most important ranking factors as said by Google. Link building is basically getting linked to an article on some other relevant site.Notice when I said "relevant", that means linking to the sites that are on your niche/topic, linking to irrelevant sites can also get you penalized from Google
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Link building getting backlinks which helps to increase ranking and referral traffic.
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- Link building is factor of the SEO.
- Do-Follow and high DA sites link building good for increase traffic.
- Link building activity is like:
- Blog Posting
- Social bookmarking
- Forum Posting
- Blog Comment
- Article submission
- Image marketing etc.

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Link-building is the activity to get backlinks from another websites like social bookmark submitting, directory, blog. The connection from high PR and Do follow websites gives benefit.

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