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Is Link Exchange is beneficial in seo?
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Link exchange is a process in which you agree to put someone's website URL on your website and vice versa. SEO solution experts never advise for this technique because it's not worthy. Better technique to get backlink is try to find relevant and quality websites and submit your business. Always try to do white hat SEO to get constant result for your website. It's era where you need to focus on quality backlink and not to quantity.
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It is beneficial if and only if you are linking to a site that is relevant and high quality niche site.
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It has certain benefits : improve the DA index, increase traffic. However, you should exchange links with the same website. If exchanged other topics are vulnerable to banned and dropped keywords.
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if you get backlinks from relevant topics or webpages, it will helps to improve your keyword ranking on search engines
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Link exchange is best way to increase your website backlinks but it should be done between thematic websites only.

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