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Link structure and backlink confusion need help

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Hi everyone,

We have some seo questions that we are confused about, can anyone please help us out? Thank you for the help.

We want to rank the main keyword "yoga mat" with an main anchor article. We've set "yoga mat" as the targeting keyword using Yoast seo plugin for this article.

We plan to write a series of articles targeting a mix of exact same keywords "yoga mat", related keywords such as stretching routine, and also long-tail keywords such as yoga posture, yoga daily routine, yoga breathing techniques and etc...

Question 1:

Can we have multiple articles targeting the exact same main keyword "yoga mat" and point them all to the anchor article? We are asking because Yoast seo plugin tells us "you have multiple articles targeting the same keywords"

Question 2:

And also, can we have multiple articles targeting the same related keywords and long-tail keywords, also pointing them all to the anchor article, giving the anchor article more seo value.

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