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how to make proper link wheel for my money website??
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Some Tips and Tricks to Make Proper Link Wheel

1. Use only high quality content
2. Don’t Use Automation
3. Diversify Your Anchor And Link Profile
4. Don’t Link Too Much At Once

Build Your Link Wheel

-Write a Squidoo lens about your website topic. Place a link in your Squidoo lens back to your website.
-Write an article about a topic relevant to your website and publish it in online article directories. Add a
link back to your Squidoo lens in your resource box or article.
-Create a Hubpage about your topic and link it to the article you wrote in step 2.
-Create a Google Knol about your topic and link it back to your Hubpage.
-Make a single page Blogger blog and link it back to your Google Knol.

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