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Looking for a job. Content-manager.

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Hello, i from Donbass. We now have a war , there is no work.

My skills:

I have worked with a variety of content management system (1C-Bitrix, Joomla, WordPress, MODX).
Filling of the site content
Experience Website promotion through social networks and forums
Collection and processing of orders
Finding information on the Internet, handling and placing material specific to the site. Making articles on the site
Daily updated information, tracking its relevance
Communication with clients on the subject of the order site, writing technical specifications designer
Competitor analysis and plan to promote their company. Editing images in Photoshop . Search for articles on the Internet for your desired keywords, establishment of a technical copywriter job , monitoring and checking papers.

skype : laiho_1994
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How much do you charge for writing an article on #howtomakemoney?
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Please let us know about your service charge. There are many websites from where you can get job offer for content manager. I hope you will find one soon.

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