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Loosing rank of the website

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My website ranking is getting down regularly. But the users of my page was increased and i am doing most of the OFF page work. What would be the reason?
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Maybe your page is not getting traffic from Google SERP!

Check Google Latest Update History!
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Whenever your site’s rankings start dropping, keep calm and start looking for causes and solutions.
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Don't just focus on off-page optimization you will also need to do on-page optimization. You can also ask the googlebot to crawl your website.
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Increase your sites backlinks on high DA website and try to do limited work on same URL in a week. Do not make over backlinks for your website. Recently Google update is saying that.
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You will also need to do on-page optimization and content must be unique and useable.In off-page optimization do Imagebacklink and video creation.

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