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Magento or Wordpress?

johnnguyen Offline referral

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both are excellent, but the wordpress community seems greater than
praveenk Offline referral

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If you are looking 100% eCommerce website than its always better to build website in Magento else you can go with Wordpress as its easy to manage as compare to Magento.
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meghana24singh Offline referral

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Wordpress and magento is CMS system. Easy to develop Ecommerce website.
digitalexpert Offline referral

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I recommended

Wordpress is very famous best CMS web-based tool. More Plugins. More Support.
prikk1504 Offline referral

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I think WordPress is much better then Magento. WordPress is easy and reliable.
Jackdavidll44 Offline referral

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Both Magento and Wordpress are perfect choice for developing a website. However, there is a difference between the end product of both the content management systems - the website. Magento makes a website to have more complex functions than websites that are made through Wordpress. Most of the huge e-commerce websites that have 100 or more webpages are usually made out of Magento. If the preference is a light weight website then Wordpress is the best.
damponting44 Offline referral

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Notwithstanding, the usefulness that is given by WordPress' eCommerce modules is restricted. ... Magento is likewise more secure than utilizing WordPress outsider modules. In the event that your business is developing, or on the off chance that you need to help its development, at that point Magento ought to be your stage of decision. Magento is the WordPress of eCommerce.
betcatalog Offline referral

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I've tried joolma and wordpress i prefer sure the wordpress, it has more choices, there are many tools and plugins, since most web developers only deal with it
Zarinekhan646 Offline referral

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Wordpress and Magento both are E-commerce website development platform. Both are SEO Friendly. But, i personally suggest Magento e-commerce platform because, security reason. and 2nd point so many future available on this Magento CMS platform.


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