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Mention which is the most important area to include your keywords?

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Hlo Friends,
Mention which is the most important area to include your keywords?
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Page URL, Title, Meta Description, Page Content, Alt tags. These all are the important area's to include keywords..
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above reply is right answer for you
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Page title, meta description, H1 tags and in content in appropriate ratio
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Title and description are most important. But dont spam
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First, once only for the meta title and also with description meta then for the content only entities for the target will include in the page.
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Make sure that you use the keywords in your meta tags and website content.
These 2 are the most important areas to include your keywords.
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all meta tag's ,heading tag's ,anchor text,image alt text etc are major areas to keep your keywords
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You can target your keyword in

1. Meta Tags
2. Alt Tags
3. Url
4. Heading Tags
5. On-page content
6. synonyms of keywords can be targeted
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Adding keywords in following places will improve your On-Page Score:

*Keywords in Meta Title and Meta Description

* Keywords in Page Title

*Keywords in First sentence of first paragraph and last sentence of last paragraph

*Keywords in Image Alt Tags

*Keywords in Header Tags

*Keywords in Anchor Links
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Meta Title
Meta Description
Meta Tags
H 1 Tag

These is the place we can include the keywords.
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Normally We have to focus our keywords in Meta Title, Description, Heading As well as webpage content of the website.

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