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Meta tags, SEO Question?

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I have a website that offers free images for social networks. The images are broken down into changed categories. For Example: health, fashion, etc.. My question is should use the same meta tags on all the pages of my site, or should add new meta tag keywords on pages that have specific categories such as health, fashion, etc..
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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If you use same meta tags you will get a warning from Google on webmaster tools account "duplicate meta tags".

Each page has to have its own unique and relevant to its content meta tag title, description and if you want keywords.
Rapidsoft technologies Offline referral

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Yes..Using same meta tags will create big problem for your site, and that will be duplicate content issue.
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You can insert canonical tags to avoid duplicate issues
tekruiter Offline referral

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Canonical Tags option is a better way to avoid duplicate issue with website.
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Keywords meta tag have zero value for SEO, that's what Matt Cuts says.
McGroove Offline referral

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canonical tags is the best
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Meta Keywords Attribute - A series of keywords you deem relevant to the page in question.
Title Tag - This is the text you'll see at the top of your browser. Search engines view this text as the "title" of your page.
Meta Description Attribute - A brief description of the page.
Meta Robots Attribute - An indication to search engine crawlers (robots or "bots") as to what they should do with the page.
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Meta tags are snippets for content that describe a page’s content; those meta tags don’t show up on the page itself, However just in the page’s code. We the sum realize tags from blog culture, What's more meta tags need aid pretty much those same thing, little substance descriptors that help educate look engines the thing that a web page is around.
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The same meta tags for different pages will generate error message of duplicate content in webmaster.
easyweb Offline referral

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don't use same meta tags for all pages. Create unique meta tags only related to your page content otherwise it creates the issue of duplicate meta tags
johnray Offline referral

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Same meta tags for each category is not useful. Try to put proper name in title & description tag so that it will be unique.
chinomoreno Offline referral

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Meta tags are meant to be unique however we have canonical tags that can help us solve duplicate issues like on your site.
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Use canonical tags, they are better in this case.

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