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Meta tags, SEO Question?

sujalpatel Offline referral

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I have a website that offers free images for social networks. The images are broken down into changed categories. For Example: health, fashion, etc.. My question is should use the same meta tags on all the pages of my site, or should add new meta tag keywords on pages that have specific categories such as health, fashion, etc..
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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If you use same meta tags you will get a warning from Google on webmaster tools account "duplicate meta tags".

Each page has to have its own unique and relevant to its content meta tag title, description and if you want keywords.
Rapidsoft technologies Offline referral

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Yes..Using same meta tags will create big problem for your site, and that will be duplicate content issue.
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You can insert canonical tags to avoid duplicate issues
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Canonical Tags option is a better way to avoid duplicate issue with website.
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Keywords meta tag have zero value for SEO, that's what Matt Cuts says.
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canonical tags is the best

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