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My Published Posts does not show on Google

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Hello Everyone,

I have been ghostwriting occasionally for this blog that's hosted on Blogger for almost a year now but I don't see my published posts indexed on Google. I recently was informed by a friend that my posts don't show on Google when I told a friend that I've been writing for this blog and that there's this one post there that extremely relates to her current situation (which is why I told her to read it, lol.)

I installed search console and it did show that the pages were crawled but not indexed. What could be the causes for this?

Robots(.)txt isn't blocking any of its pages either and it has a working sitemap as per Search Console as well.

Thank you very much for your insightful feedback.
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You have to build backlinks of your blogposts to show it in Google search results.
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You need to optimise your content, using long-tail low competition keywords. Add these to your meta title and description and optimise your content by adding the same keyword to your content around 5-6 times! This will help to increase visability in the SERPs

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