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My ads is now live! Tell me what do you think about?

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I don't know how much will I earn from this Google program but I felt happy when I got my email as below screenshot:
My ads is now live Tell me what do you think about

All I want only your comment.

Thank you.
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Great news buddy congrats. You don't realize how lucky you are these days to get approved for an #Adsense account.
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In my own experience with Adsense, the earning is getting smaller with Google's newest rules such Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird.
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that,s a great news mate but i want to know from you that how you adjust the price for your ads would you please define me briefly because price setting is the most important thing in adsense.
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You are actually lucky to have your AdSense approved these days because of their strict policies and terms of services.

Use it wisely or you will have it banned! Congratulations.
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Great news, that you got approved from adsense i tried 3-4 times but failed to get in.
wish you all the best for your earning.

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