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My website lost all organic traffic HELP?

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For no reason my website traffic started decreasing from Monday and now I have lost all my organic traffic. My website not even showing in Google SERPs what is the problem please help?
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It looks like you have been hit by Google Panda 4.0 update. To recover from Google Panda first find out what it is and what it is targeting then tune your website accordingly:

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Check your Webmaster Tools, after the last Update a lot of sites lost 30-40% of their traffic.
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Give it some time. I many cases after Google updates its algorithms website looses rankings for a short period of time before recovering and even gaining rankings. If your website didn't recover after a month then you're in trouble. As suggested by @Dexsmart check your Google webmaster tools account for evidence to what went wrong and why your website was penalized by Google?
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