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We have an ecommerce website that sells pottery products.

Since our website is kinda old and it does not have https and its theme is not very good, and it has good traffic, we don't wanna take the risk of changing the theme or adding https to it. I know it can be done but we don't wanna take the risk!

I was just wondering is it a good idea to make a new website? I mean we're not gonna use the same content in the new one.

Some people say it's a good idea but others say that both websites will compete with each other in google or something! This is kinda true but we are not gonna post in the old one anymore.

So now I really don't know what to do!
Advice pls!
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Why not just create a new website and then slap a banner or whatever back at the old site encouraging users to use your new site.

Make sure to add ways for users to share your content to generate backlinks and promote your new site.

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