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Need Help to get Twitter traffic

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I am running a social media campaign. I am using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. I am somewhat satisfied with my efforts to all sites but Twitter is not giving me expected result. I have got followers, posting tweets daily but still not able to get traffic. Can you guys suggest me some helpful twitter tips. Actually i am thinking about using any software and i found a genuine one. I can not post its link otherwise it will be treated as promotional link. So let me know your tactics to get atleast 50 visitors per day from Twitter
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Some helpful twitter tips

1. Pin a Tweet for Constant Attention
2. Add URLs to Your Profile
3. Find the Best Times to Share
4. Use Twitter Cards
5. Automate the Sharing of Old Posts
6. Recycle Tweets
7. Encourage Readers to Share Your Content
8. Pay for Exposure
9. Tweet Like a Human
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5 Simple Twitter Tactics That Will Get You More Traffic Today

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