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Need Seo Suggestion For my Website

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hi everyone,

i have a website named pdscenter and there are various internal pages like services animal letter, services animal travel, order now, about us etc.

i want my website like something in menus types when some one search keyword google search query

thank you in advance
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Make your website’s structure clear, intuitive and up-to-date.
Include one primary keyword in a page URL
Use hyphens (-) instead of underscores (_) in URLs.
Choose a static URL address instead of a dynamic one.
Keep a URL address brief, descriptive and relevant.
Create a sweet title-tag for every single page of your website.
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I think you are talking about sitelinks but that are generated automatically by Google. There is no any option to generate that manually..
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I think you are asked site links. The tiny subheading WebPages are visible to below website main URL. These link are called site links. The subheading web pages are very impotent web pages to our site. The site links does not create user automatically create google by using some algorithms. But site links deleted manually.

First of all optimized the your website Search Engine Friendly. Search Engine Optimization can be classifieds in to two types. First one is On-Page Optimization and second one is Off-Page Optimization. Both are very important. For example you can optimize new site. First of all you can complete on-page optimization. After completion of on-page then proceed to off-page techniques. With out on-page optimization website promotion is not correct.

Types of SEO:

1. On-Page Optimization

2. Off-Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization Concepts:

1. Website structure

2. Meta tags

3. HTML tags

4. Alt tags

5. Xml and html site maps

6. Robots.txt

7. Site loading speed

8. Web site URL structure

9. Site UI desig

10. Google analytics and webmasters

Off-Page Optimization Concepts:

1. Social bookmarking

2. Directory submission

3. Forum

4. Article Sharing

5. Question & Answer

6. Guest Blogging

7. Document Sharing

8. Blog Commenting

9. Competitor’s Backlink

10. Business Reviews
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If you want sitelinks,than you should know, Google reserves sitelinks search box for those sites with a high volume of branded queries. To see if your site is eligible, check Google Webmaster Tools. If you qualify, and Google finds the correct code on your homepage, Google directs visitors to your website's internal search results.
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Well, you can do so many things like Blog Commenting, Guest Blogging, PPT submissions, Video Submissions, Social Media Sharing and a lot of other activities. Well, you can also try paid activities like PPC, but before that first read about it because it is costly and gives benefit for short period of time only. It's your choice and the last thing that you can do is to hire an SEO expert who helps you to prepare a budget and also work on your project or guide you how to manage your website in less investment only. I hope this is going to help you.

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