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Need a review on Majestic SEO tools and services?

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Has anybody ever used Majestic SEO and their SEO tools? Need a review on this service and their products stuff like:

Customer satisfaction and feedback
Success rate
Time it takes to start producing results
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I didn't tried their tools/services. But I know it is similar to Ahref.

They have 6 service packages including the Free. First try using the Free one... If you're satisfied with the actions then go for recommended paid one.
Need a review on Majestic SEO tools and services

Customer satisfaction and feedback
There have pretty much decent clients testimonials by providing good quality of service. But every coin has two sides. Remember nothing in the world is perfect

Success rate
May be 80-100%

Time it takes to start producing results
What type of results you need? Majestic SEO is a site analyzer & backlinks checker

Site Explorer
Search Explorer (beta)
Compare - Backlinks history
Webmaster tools
Keyword checker
URL submitter
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I would like to use LongTail Pro, rather than Majestic SEO account.
LongTail pro is now using majestic engine, so powerful

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