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Need help to choose well-balanced VPS hosting

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Good day,

My budget is $30/mo.
I am planning to host my web sites at VPS hosting account. Any discounts?
Where can I read customer hosting reviews? Any recommendations?
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Beyond finding which web hosts are out there, it's a matter of digging through different plans, comparing inclusions, and checking customer reviews.

Take your time to look at these web hosts and their affordable vps hosting plans:
- Kvchosting.net
- Inmotionhosting.com
- Rareservers.com
They are optimized for application hosting and provide more security, reliability and speed than traditional web hosts.
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I can draw your attention to vpsget.net vps hosting deals.
They are great! I would recommend them to anyone who needs hosting at a great price, with all add-ons included in that price.
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Take your time to check out warez-host.com offshore vps hosting plans.
They have servers located in Russia, Netherlands, Bulgaria and Sweden.

Use the promo code SAVEON15V to receive 15% lifetime discount for all new VPS purchases.
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i would suggest riseshost.xyz
Join our question and answer board here http://risesboard.xyz
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Check out viux.com cloud web hosting accounts. They have stable servers in Canada.
Their customer support is great. Any ticket I've put in has resulted in a real e-mail response within 10-15 minutes.
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You can use linode, I'm using $5/mo package, so far so good.

They have discount also.
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Linode and DigitalOcean are good options. You can google promo code or discount coupon as well.
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Which one on top ?
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You can try vikhost with high uptime, friendly support 24x7 and low prices. To suggest you discounts at first you need to provide requirements for VPS.
[url = https://vikhost.com/] VIKHOST [/ url].

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