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Need to hire someone to Tweet on Twitter and post on Facebook for me.

maria Offline referral

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I need to do a bit of social media marketing specifically I would like to hire folks to publish some high quality posts on my Facebook business page and tween on my Twitter account. Since I don't know how it work neither how much does it cost then please posts here for how much would you do it.

P.S. How much does an average one tweet on Twitter and comment on Facebook costs these days?
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luckygiftcard Offline referral

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What service are you sale?
jitenmazee Offline referral

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I can tweet for you. I will tweet 50 tweets daily on your twitter account.
nshntsngh Offline referral

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I can provide you such a service at a monthly price of $500. PM me for discussions.
haydenmellins Offline referral

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I could surely help you regarding this work, please PM so that we can discuss.

LaurenA Offline referral

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What type of product/service do you offer? You can create an advance tweet in twitter, timeline works on the said channel.
addialex Offline referral

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Use can use free Automate mate tool for tweeting on regular basis.
johnnorrman Offline referral

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best method is u can use free automate mate tool
Imangela Offline referral

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Hello Maria,

Please add me on my Skype : <REMOVED> for quick conversation so that we can discuss about social media promotion.

praveenk Offline referral

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Actually without your services/product information, no one can provide you good quality suggestion and quotation for service, so its better if you share your services/products information.
amaandaa Offline referral

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I want to do this work.. I can post many tweets and posts on facebook on very less price..

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