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Negative Effect on Websites Sharing Same IP Address?

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Hello everyone, as I am new to this forum and here is my query for all seo experts.

I have a two websites one is Ecommerce based & another information website, basically both are sharing same inforamation. So, is their any negative impact on the keyword ranking on either of website?

Please provide an appropriate answer asap.

Thank you
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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Well if you have two websites that have same content one of them or both will get penalized for duplicate content.

Sharing same IP address is not near close to top SEO factors.

If you have many sites and they all hosted on same dedicated IP address and non of those sites ever was blacklisted or marked as SPAM by Google then there is nothing to worry about.
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Move to Dedicated IP address case if you sharing the same IP with spammy, illegal or XXX it could have negative impact on your #SEO
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I agree that IP adress doesn't have impact on SEO. But as for duplicate content - it's really a problem, that's what you need to think about.
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