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New Content Required Every time

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I know unique content has a value, but every timer, if I do article submission, it,s really expensive to do article submission with unique content, is their any other way ?????
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You can buy one #articles and then simply spin it as many times as you need to.
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As per the google guideline, you need unique content. You can spin the content and check it's uniqueness again. If it comes across 70%-80% unique then you can use it again.
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No, don't use spinner, google hates it !

just don't do article submission then if it was expensive for ya,
just build a quality backlinks from private blog network or web 2.0, you can use only a few articles for them
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You can do article spinning but it is not highly suggested why now try to hire a freelance writer who will create your content. If you find it expensive then you can write it yourself just do some research and try to find relevant content for you to have the idea.

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