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New website top high ranking for competitive keywords possible?

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I have juts lunched a new website and I am doing SEO like crazy but I would like to know if it's possible for such website to get on Google first page fast or it's a long process?
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Nope since the last Google quality update. Most of the new websites don't last long and Google knows it so it will not put any new ones that represent no trust no reputation!
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You can get on Google first page fast of yuor website by social media optimization.
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(06-17-2015 12:16 PM)josephinek Wrote:  You can get on Google first page fast of yuor website by social media optimization.

That is a correct statement! Social media signals if you get tons of them will make your rankings go up!
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Even if you get the result immediately it won't last long, Google might drop your rankings and it expect the website to be more familiar, it is otherwise called as Domain Age. So once your domain is aged you can expect the result if your SEO is good enough for Google.

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