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No Index Low Value Pages

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If you just have pages with links to allow search engines to follow them but not index them otherwise these will reduce the quality of your website. Use meta tag to NOINDEX navigation pages with low quality.
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Nice tip. It's more SEO friendly and better to block any URL or directory from being indexed and crawled by the search engine with robots.txt file.

I would not recommend blocking pages containing internet links (anchor links to the other pages on your site) as the text used in those links will help you to boost rankings for those keywords.
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You should not create low quality content in the first place!

Unless it's a some private area I would not block it Google is smart enough to figure what has to be included in the index and what not.
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Search engines have various ways of indexing pages, the best that we can do it to work on websites effectively and participate in social media sites.

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