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How we start an online business in which state? then where should we promote it through the all sites?
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You have to first decide whether you wanna target your local area, country or the entire galaxy Smile
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If you are an IT Expert then You can do Freealncer Work.
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Research what type of products or services is pretty in demand nowadays. Select your geographical location and target market.
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(09-22-2016 09:25 AM)a4nblack Wrote:  How we start an online business in which state? then where should we promote it through the all sites?
Before start thinking on where to promote your business make sure to have a business plan first.
If you are just starting out then it is important to decide what business to establish. I suggest a business that is not just profitable but something you are familiar of. You need to have a business, plan, timeline and most especially a goal.
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Determine your future success to being a successful businessmen with the help of learning investments of market.
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ECommerce business basically refers to business on the internet, rather online business. It can have a wide range of products or services, but the important element is the interactions, deal sign-ups and the payment the processes take place online.
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These steps will get you online in no time.

Know Your Market
One of the greatest keys to success with an online business is to know the market you are (or want to be) in.

Find a Web Host
A web host is the company that basically will "rent" you space on their servers to host your website. These companies usually offer domain registration and it’s often easier to have both with the same company.
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All these are really important but the chain of demand and supply changes with country to country and region to region so we need to analyze this chain and get the information regarding do's and don' t s.

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