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Online payments tax?

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How can I get paid or receive money I made online without anybody knowing about it so that I would not have to pay taxes? I mean hide it from internal revenue service (irs)?
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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Oh baby I would not try to hide my income from IRS as that will be a federal offense and you will be prosecuted maybe even get some hard time!
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You can run from the Internal Revenue Service — but you can’t hide. So that tax bill you can’t afford to pay on April 15 and that you think no one will notice? It may take a while for the IRS to catch up to you, but it will. That’s what the tax pros say. And the solution, they add, is that if you can’t pay, you need to file a return anyway — even if it is to say you’re broke.
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In your case you can use Bitcoin payment gateway,
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Online Payment facilitates payment of direct taxes online by taxpayers. To avail of this facility the taxpayer is required to have a net-banking account
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You can't do that, everything has a corresponding tax even online payment.

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