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how does Ad rank impact Cost-Per-Click? how to they are simplifies the same thing as more possible thing?
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The higher the bit the more often and higher your ad will show in SERPs!
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Ads from new account always cost higher than existing one(one of google adwords guidelines) as it take few days to check ad relevancy, user response, budget & consistency and few other points, then after if you continue your campaign ads for someday and had good quality score then your cost will be reduced by 20-30% and result will be shown @ better positions, For making your ad more impact we can now add ads extensions: extensions like adding phone number, internal links, location etc
Google customer support can give you full instructions in setting basic campaigns to advanced setting
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Pay Per click or PPC is a non-organic way to create links. In simple words we can say that it is an internet marketing formula of using search engine advertising to generate click on website and a publisher have to pay for every single click. You saw many times those sponsored add which are appear on the top of Google search engine with the yellow label, that is basically result of pay per click advertising.

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