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1. How can I find if the website is being indexed? Is there a tool for this?

2. How can I exclude pages from being indexed? I know it involves using robots text file and adding no index tags on pages you don’t want indexed, but how can I apply both in WordPress?

3. Is it bad if I exclude all blog pages at a health professional website from being indexed as the blog posts are not related to his practice, just mostly personal hobbies, i.e., travel and sewing? I notice all the organic keywords are coming from his blog posts, which is not what we want.
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To check how many webpages of the website had been indexed by Google simply type this into the search: site:your-domain.com

Obviously replace your-domain.com with your website.

The best way to prevent Google from even attempting to crawl the URL is with robots.txt and it works great all you have to do is place it in your root hosting directory!

You can block as many pages from being indexed as you can that will have no effect on the SEO except that since those pages are no longer getting indexed they will not rank in Google and you will loose the little traffic and SEO juice they were producing.
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simply type this into the search: site:your-domaincom
also you can check from goolge webmaster tool.
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1. You can type site:xyz.com in Google to check indexed pages.
2. You need to disavow that link in Robots.txt file
3. You can include it anytime.

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