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Panic To understand the Logic of Session in GA? & how it count the time?

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I have tried a lot but unable to understand basic behind, Hey can anybody help me to Differentiate among- Session, Users & Page views? In count of session what is the role of time & how it will be count? Please give an answer with simple example .
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The meaning of Session in #GoogleAnalytics is very simple! Google keeps track of users that visit your site if it has Analytics tracking code installed!

If you visit the page for the first time it will count as 100% new visit and if you return to same page in less that 24 hours it will count as returned visit 0% new!

Now let say you have a website that has hundreds of web pages right!

A user visits your web page which counts as a session and it lasts as long as the user stays on the site! If the user leaves the site and then returns a few hours later it will count as 1 user 2 sessions.

Now if the user lands on one page and then checks 5 more of your website pages it will count as 6 viewed pages and most important 0% bounce rate Smile


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