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Part Time Selling On Online Marketplaces For Extra Income

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I've tried literally variety ways of attempts to making money online since back 2 years ago.

I've tried Shopify Dropshipping store, Ebay & Amazon Selling, Custom T-shirt design business , traffic monetization(blogging and some website running), affiliate marketing, referral building work, paid survey online, GPT(Get Paid To), Cryptocurrency investing, mining and really a lot more.

A few are to work, for a few i failed, and a few are junkies, I learned a lot from my tiny success and even failures. All were precious to me to navigate my way a little more better and right!

Selling on Ebay is one that's been useful to contributing to one of my income sources that work in practice. I don't go too risky or at large volume of transactions and stock but just go smoothly as much as I can safely cover it within my budget and for the safest.

I usually purchase small and sell small in quantity but only deal with highly profitable items from exclusive sources or somewhat unknown places as product sourcing places like some flea markets, pawn shops and factory outlets for "UNDERVALUED UNIQUE STUFFS sold cheap but actually in HIGH VALUE".

If you're a little fast and smart, you would know what's my point. The common mistakes of what those places usually do: They have no idea of how valuable a thing is, they just sell them off at a lot cheaper prices. like some antiques or Game CDs, you will be surprised how cheap they sell them for.

Well, I actually tried so hard to at least leave some brief info within the page here, I honestly got stuck at what to speak and where to begin first. It's too lengthy.

Instead I will leave an article here so you can check it out only if interested.
Just a little tip of what to source and where to source and how to start selling on Ebay or Amazon for your extra income like me (as a weekend merchandiser haha.. still keeping my regular job Mon - Fri)

Cheers everyone! Let's begin to talk here if anyone likes it!
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So in the end what would you suggest which type of online business you were in successful.

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