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Photoshop free - open source

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I know Photoshop ain't free but are there some good open source and free alternatives to Photoshop?
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Top 10 open source and Photoshop free alternatives:

2. Krita
3. Paint.NET
4. ChocoFlop
5. Cinepaint
6. Pixia
7. Pixen
8. Picnik
9. Splashup
10. Adobe Photoshop Express
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As stated in the other photoshop thread.

Gimp is the only one close to photoshop and is free.
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‘GNU Image Manipulation Program’, or as it is widely known as – GIMP is the best free alternative to Adobe Photoshop you’ll ever stumble across. With a widely supported community and with its cross compatibility over a range of operating systems, GIMP clearly stands out as the best free alternative to Photoshop.

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