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Play Station 4 PS4 vs Xbox 1?

Victor Dub Offline referral

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Guys which video game console or station is better Sony's Play Station 4 PS4 or Microsoft's Xbox 1?
kitanookami Offline referral

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Junior Member
Personally I prefer PS4, many games I like available there (for example Dark Souls III and Bloodborne)
rvsharma Offline referral


According to me Sony's Play Station 4 PS4 is more then better to Microsoft's Xbox 1
cholekyt Offline referral

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Play Station 4 PS4 Smile

The PS4 has managed to snag itself an early lead in the first half of this console generation
ata1234 Offline referral

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PS4, better hardware and sales.
alex0404 Offline referral

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I have an xbox and I prefer it

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