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I am a seo expert. My site is xarelto-lawsuitattorney. On page and off page is done but rank not coming. Please advice whats the problem this site, and how to rank better?
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Off Page is an ongoing process which should be done in order to improve as well as maintain ranking. So please continue doing off-page till you see results.
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Your website is only 4 month old and that is the problem since SEO takes roughly 2 months? Google quality update will never give you high rankings since they know that the majority of all website don't last more than a year.

Add more content to your site I mean more articles and more URLs to increase authority. Also add more content rich in the keywords you target to above fold area of the site.

Register your domain name for more many years ahead this will tell the search engine that you mean business.

The best is to focus 80% on the on-page and 20% on the off-page optimization.

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