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Hello guys, I’m Andrew from Popwin . What is Popwin ? Popwin is a new pop-under & pop-up ads network based on CPM. What we’re trying right now is creating a stable ad network with quality organic traffic and for this, guys – we need your help .

We have a referral system that will generate a good income for an unlimited time . How’s this ? It’s simple. We have a 13% referral system for people who will refer us advertisers & publishers. That means 13% of their income is your income.

Let’s take an example : You make an account on our platform and refer a friend which has a site with a lot of quality traffic. Whenever he makes an withdraw from our platform, your account will be credited with 13% of his withdraw amount.

Same with advertisers : If you refer an advertiser to us and he create a campaign, at the end of the campaign your account will be credited with 13% of his campaign value.

Sounds awesome, right ? All you need to do is to get your friends make an account on our platform and as soon as they make money, you make money too.
For how much time you can get this income? As long as they are earning money on our platform, you will get money .

Have a great day guys and we’re waiting you on our platform !

More details on skype : popwin . net or PM here

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