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Powerful Low-cost dedicated hosting?

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Hey guys,
Are there any reliable web hosting providers with Instant dedicated servers?
I need to help one of my clients, he requires:
32 GB - RAM
1 TB - HD
14 TB - Bandwidth
What web hosts can you recommend me to look at?
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Your sites and projects will be in trusted hands if you choose Blazingfasthost.com web host.
I have no downtime and speed connectivity is ok, my pages load very fast. Everyone should try them out!
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hostgator and bluehost are best option for you
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Your sites and online projects will be in trusted hands if you choose Sivehost.com servers.
They have a rock solid infrastructure in place and guaranteed to serve you the next several years to come.
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i have been using webcomindia for hosting my sites.
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if you are looking for instant chat with your hosting service, go for interserver i have been using them for my client site for 3 years now.
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i would recommend namecheap, i personally use their hosting. Quiet cheap and good.
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Ovh, velia, quadranet or serverloft.
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Why not to choose Swisslayer.com ?
Their speed connectivity is ok, uptime is great as I saw my sites always up and available (online) for my visitors.
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Go for Godaddy or Swisslayer both are good
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I think Namecheap is best option for you
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As you may know, the truth comes out of comparison, so I would like to recommend these hosts:
- serverfolio.com
- wiredtree.com
- digitalserver.com.mx
Recommend to use them for those who want to be successful in the IT industry.
Compare their server packages and choose the best! Good luck!
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You can check out these hosting companies for dedicated servers.
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Anyone of the following web hosting providers are reliable and suitable for your need:

1. DigitalOcean
2. Linode
3. Host1Plus
4. Vultr

Google this topic

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