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Promote online business without spending money on the marketing?

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Search engine optimization (SEO) an important tool to bring visitors to your website. Search Engine Optimization will help your site rank better in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, which means drive more traffic to attain more potential customers to your site.
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SEO is a great way to advertise your internet company without money because in SEO there are having many techniques of SEO to advertise the business.
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Try These techniques for business promotion online

Email Marketing
Social Media
Business Listing
Start a Free Blog
Put up Multimedia on Youtube and Flicker
Press Release
Join Online Communities and contribution
Launch a sweepstakes
Send out a weekly e-mail newsletter
Use viral marketing techniques....Idea
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Connecting through blogging services, Linkedin, Groups, Twitter and Instagram. You need to participate, Retweet, comment and discuss. If you have a business Facebook page, Check the insights tab for detailed info on what people are engaging with and sharing.
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If you want to make money online, you are required to spend one certain to promote your products
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It's always simpler to pay cash rather than do it free. Without spending anything, it's may be possible for you to run your shop, but you will be exceeded by your competitors easily.
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(12-12-2014 08:59 PM)dude Wrote:  Is there a way to promote my online store website for free I mean without spending a dime on the advertising and marketing?

Yes, you can promote your online store. I have a solution - ShopWhere. ShopWhere is a self service advertising platform. Register your business to advertise today.
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I am using a very effective platform now for my online store, however I am not sure it can be use on your country because it can only be use specifically on ours. I was able to post my products and this platform enables me to boost 5 products every 4hours for free, which is not bad at all. And for a certain minimum cost I can ship my products for free. You just need to extend your resources, free resources. Social media sites would be the first and then other platforms.
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My Friend nothing is free in this world. Ecommerce Marketing is something that everyone is look for now a days.

Internet Marketing has the solution for it.

1) Optimize your website and make it SEO and user friendly. Make sure, your website should be easy to navigate and has all the information they are looking for.
2) Use unique and informative product description.
3) Your homepage should have a content section where you can describe your business and punchin your keywords.
4) Blogs - Add as much as possible, unique, relevant and quality content.
5) Coupons - Offer coupon to users.
6) ShareNEarn - Give to your users percent of money when they share your website with friends and their friend buying.
7) Affiliate Partners - They can help you to promoted your brand, services and website
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You can go for self -service advertising platforms with free trial service. It is best to test and drive.
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yes, SEO is the best way to promote our products and services online without spending more but you should have a proper knowledge about it. If you don't have a knowledge of it then don't do it otherwise it will hurts your website on SERP results. Hire any SEO Expert for this, who have a proper knowledge of SEO..
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Social Media Marketing is excellent platform for increase your sales for free of cost. This time so many social media platform available in web like facebook, twitter, Google+, pinterest, tumble, stumble upon.

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Social Media Marketing is affordable marking platform. Good for Increase traffic and Keyword Rank.


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