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Quality of Content

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(06-22-2017 08:18 AM)JesicaJohansson Wrote:  How to check Quality of Content, please share your view ?
You can check your quality of SEO onpage content by Yoast SEO Plugin such as : Length, keywords, imagine...Blush
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Content must be unique and eye-catching , volume of content relies on quality of content ,avoid replication use your focus search phrases in titles, subheadings, passage ,if you are using pictures in your posts give proper name with alt tag.
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Quality: The standard of something as measured against different things of a comparative kind; the level of greatness of something.
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Some thing you should know when your write content for your website and off-page submission..

Content readability
user friendly
keywords density
target long tail in your content
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when our website has unique and useful information then it's called quality content
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You can use copyscape to check content quality. This site will provide your percentages of duplicate content.

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