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Question Regarding 301 Redirects

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I've read that allot of people use 301 redirects for passing link authority in seo. My question is, do you only setup 301's on relevant domains? For example, could I take a wedding domain with good reputation and 301 it to a web hosting site, or should it only be 301'd to a wedding related site? Thanks!
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These days relevancy is everything. Non relevant backlinks and content to your website niche could trigger some anti SPAM algorithm!

If you have a high ranking site (domain name) and then you 301 redirect it to some other not so well doing website the primary site will loose rankings for sure making this techniques short lived!

301 is used to tell the search engine that the content of this page had been permanently moved to new URL! If you redirect the old URL to new and it doesn't contain the same content then it will disappear from SERP.

This method is only good for saving traffic and redirect it to your new website. From SEO prospective I don't think it will boost your new site SEO to the point of making it go up in rankings!

The new web-site needs to have at least the same amount of content as the old one so that Google could see the important of it cause as I said previously you can have a ton of backlinks but if the site doesn't have quality content it will never rank good in Google.

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